Know Surety

Fiduciary Bond: A fiduciary bond (a type of probate bond) is a bond required by a probate court to protect the administration of a will, estate, or guardianship.

The bond amount will always be determined by the court and stated in the "Order for Probate."


******** In submitting the initial request for bonding, the following information should be included to insure a quicker response.


1) A complete court bond application - Will provide a basic overview of the bond being requested, as well as information on the principal requesting the bond.

2) Copy of the court documentation - For a fiduciary bond, the court document will be the order for probate, which will detail the court complaint, decision as well as the required bond amount.

3) Business Financial Statements: If the principal requesting the bond is a corporation, provide the most recent year business financial statements (balance sheet and income statement). In addition to the business financial statement, a personal financial statement of all the owners of the corporation should be provided as well.

4) Personal Financial Statement: If the principal(s) is an individual, provide a personal financial statement for the principal(s).

5) Current Bank Statements: If the corporation or individual's financial statement has a high declaration of short term/liquid assets (cash, stock and securities), current statements to verify these assets should also be provided.